The SGS leadership team is comprised of law enforcement experts and instructors who have conducted high risk security and law enforcement operations around the world.  Our personnel have the operational knowledge, capabilities and international law/jurisdictional expertise to accomplish any mission.

As prior operators and policy experts, we understand the complexities of law enforcement and security operations on the high seas.  All of our operating procedures and use of force strategies are designed around these standards.  We also have a firm understanding of the authority of the Master and Company Security Officer and further design our operations to integrate and support ongoing ship requirements.  Additionally, we have written and implemented hundreds of IMO-compliant risk assessment and security plans.


The SeaGuard management team is comprised of maritime operations and logistics experts who strive to provide our clients with the best possible pricing for port operations as travel.

We have strategically positioned our personnel and assets in key route locations outside High Risk Waters (HRW) to provide immediate operational support for vessels entering and exiting these areas.




For over 8 years SeaGuard Security has been considered a top-tier service provider by governments, multinational commercial organizations and insurance companies around the world.  We have successfully completed hundreds of missions and have always met or exceeded expectations.  Our ability to successfully mitigate the inherent risks associated with our operations through proper planning, detailed risk analysis and professional execution of specifically developed security protocols helps us to ensure a safe and efficient working environment for our clients. 

Escort Vessels

(Maritime Security)

Operating a fleet of escort vessels supporting our clients security requirements off the coast of Nigeria. 

Embarked Security

(Maritime Security)

Providing affordable security solutions for vessels operating in high risk waters. 



SeaGuard Security maintains consistent compliance with internationally recognized quality and safety standards, such as ICoC, IMO ISPS Code as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 28007-2015. 


   Our Policies   

As a global leader in providing security services, SeaGuard Security maintains the highest standards for appearance, conduct, professionalism and performance.


We are committed to our Security and Quality Management System.


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Key Biscayne, FL  33149 - USA

Phone:  +1 305 482 1964

Email: info@seaguardsecurity.com

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