Escort Vessel Security

West Africa - Nigeria   


Local Knowledge Matters

•Local office in Abuja, Nigeria (SeaGuard Security Nigeria, Ltd.).


•Maritime operation hubs with local assets in Lagos and Port Harcourt.


•Local “boots on the ground” operations and logistics management coupled with a 24/7 Logistics Support and Operations Center (LSOC).


•Strong relationships with the Nigerian Navy at FOBs Apapa and Bonny

When it comes to escort vessel management, SeaGuard Security is 2nd to none.  With over 25 years of United States Coast Guard at-sea command experience along with strong local ties throughout West Africa our experts have an integrated knowledge and understanding of the complications presented in West Africa.  Through the utilization of our unique experience we are able to provide security solutions for a wide and complicated range of needs.  Reach out to us today and one of our experts will be happy to discuss solutions to your West Africa security needs.


At a glance

•Over 30 years of experience at sea conducting maritime security operation.

•Fully established and operational in Nigeria for 4+ years

•Over 190 successful armed escort missions

•Offshore Security Escort Vessel Operation

•Inshore Embarked Security Team Operation

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